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Designed and built in the UK the TWB Terminator is a very effective single pass cultivator incorporating subsoiling,
cultivation and consolidation into one pass. This innovative new machine has been built on the concept, and
displays the same qualities, of the TWB Subsoiler. The TWB Subsoiler, which has been improving soil structures
and increasing yields on British farms for over a decade, is renowned for its strength, durability and reliability.
Displaying the same features but with the addition of two rows of cultivating discs and a large diameter
shouldered packer, the TWB Terminator is a true single pass cultivator capable of subsoiling down to 500mm while
creating a tilth suitable for drilling direct into at the same time.
The TWB Terminators are all based on a trailed chassis with a semi-mounting kit and transport wheels. The range has been
further developed for 2014 with a hydraulic folding 4.5m version now available and plans being drawn for a 6m version, in
addition to the 3m, 3.2m and 3.5m rigid machines already in production. Along with the extra models, the new 2014 design
brings additional benefits such as the interchangeable frame design and the special cultivation disc depth adjustment. The
proven subsoiler element stays the same with the standard TWB subsoiler or low-draft legs as options for deep or shallow
The New 2014 TWB Terminator is more versatile than ever, combining two variants into one machine: Either the disc unit
can be mounted at the front followed by the subsoiling unit, or mid mounted with the subsoiler legs at the front. Both
setups use the same main components and with a large amount of clearance between the main components ensuring
exceptional trash flow.

Eliminate compaction, cultivation and consolidation, all in one pass with a build quality second to none.
A disc module of 2 rows of 500mm cutaway discs (600mm also available) which are hydraulically depth adjustable from the tractor cab. The discs can be hydraulically lifted right out of work so the machine can be used as a standard trailed Subsoiler. New for 2014 is the additional benefit of front to rear depth adjustment on the disc module, this feature allows for progressive cultivation or adjustment for wearing discs.
A two row parallel frame tine unit, on which either subsoiler legs or low-draft legs can be mounted using swivelling or rigid brackets.
The final module is the large TWB Shouldered packer; this 800mm shouldered packer offers increased
consolidation and leaves a level weather proof finish. The working depth of the Terminator is adjusted on the
depth gauges of the packer by the simple TWB pin and gauge depth control at the rear and the drawbar ram
when using the ring hitch or the linkage when on the link arms.
Designed as a trailed true “one pass” primary cultivator, it can be used as a first entry machine or as secondary cultivator after ploughing. The cultivation discs can be raised right out
of work allowing the subsoiler legs to work down to 500mm as a full subsoiler. With the addition of the low-draft legs and the open framework the Terminator is also a proven
oilseed rape establishment tool.
The Terminator is supplied with either the heavy duty subsoiler leg or the low draft leg as standard fitment. Both options are identical to the legs fitted to
the standard TWB subsoiler, so attribute all the benefits of the “Adjustable foot pitch” and are mounted on the parallel frame using the width adjustable
swivelling brackets with sharable  protection for minimal downtime.
The subsoilers excel in heavy soils down to 500mm and in conditions requiring deeper loosening, whilst the low draft leg option is ideally suited for
minimum disturbance work.
Both leg options are made from high grade Hardox steel and are designed for easy pulling, with the subsoiler tine at 20mm thickness and the low draft
15mm thick. Rigid brackets are an option allowing greater accuracy for oilseed rape establishment. Legs are set at 500mm spacing as standard but
adjustable leg spacing is easy due to the frame design
The two rows of 500mm dia cutaway discs on the TWB Terminator are capable of cutting, turning and levelling the ground in front of the subsoiler legs, and
provide a tilth suitable for drilling direct into. Alternatively they can be used behind the tines levelling and turning moved soil. Not only are the discs
hydraulically adjustable on the move for depth, preventing blocking and to suit ground conditions, but new for 2014, they can also be adjusted manually
on a parallel linkage for progressive cultivation.
The discs are mounted on heavy duty 100mm box section frames with 50mm rubber suspension rods suitable for primary cultivation, with proven quality
hubs and bearings allowing a 600mm disc as an added option.
The TWB Terminator comes with the TWB semi-mounting kit as standard. This swivelling linkage mounting is capable of turning to tight angles exceptionally useful on field headlands, also allowing some draft control and further depth control; a standard ring hitch style drawbar is also available as an option.
Standard fitment on the Terminator the 800mm shouldered ring packer leaves the soil level and consolidated in a weather proof finish ready to drill in to.
The working depth of the Terminator is adjusted on the drawbar and depth gauges of the packer by the simple TWB pin and gauge depth control.
Due to the low down scraper position and scraper blade adjustment, the shouldered ring packer keeps turning for longer.
Cultivation Discs
Semi-Mounting Kit
Machine Options
Low draft legs for minimum disturbance, ideally suited to oilseed rape establishment
600mm discs for extra cultivation
Standard drawbar
LED light kit
Seeder mounting kit with steps
Rear drawbar and hydraulic services
Cultivation disc and tine layout