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TWB Engineering was founded by Terry Birch almost 20 years ago. Situated on a family farm, which the family has occupied since 1821, the business is born and bred in a rural farming community. Consequently, farming and farm machinery is undeniably in the blood and nourishes the hard-working and dedication displayed by Terry and his team.

Strong, reliable forklift brackets have always been produced by TWB Engineering to meet the requirements of the farming community. Supplying agricultural trade users and individual customers alike, these are available to the public using a next day courier service.
The TWB subsoiler range began when the business became established, with the 3 metre, 3 leg subsoiler being the pioneer. As demand for superior machines has grown, TWB Engineering has responded to this development, with the largest machine being a 6.5 metre, 13 leg subsoiler. We also cater for tractors up to and above 600bhp.

TWB Engineering has always made small, bespoke mole ploughs, but due to demand, the range has expanded. Throughout the last two years, the innovative Magic Mole collection has developed, which boasts the single-leg mounted, single-leg trailed and twin-leg trailed mole ploughs.

To meet high customer demand, TWB Engineering has established a range of cultivators in recent years. This incorporates discs, tines and packer rollers in a variety of formations which are tailored to each customer’s individual needs.
Terry would like to send his sincere gratitude to all of his previous customers, who have supported him and help him to become established. Terry is also looking forward to welcoming new and old business in the future.
About us.
my image TWB Subsoilers Maximise your YIELDS with the TWB SUBSOILER…..
my image Made in Lincolnshire
my image The TWB Magic Mole Drainer can play a crucial role in helping to achieve the potential of your soil.
my image The New 2014 TWB Terminator is more versatile than ever, combining two variants into one machine
my image TWB Trailed Moledrainers come in two variants, a trailed single option and a trailed twin leg option.
my image Made in Lincolnshire by TWB
my image Designed useing the latest CAD technology
my image TWB Engineering brackets over 25 different models in stock fast next day delivery.