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Designed and built in the UK for today's demanding conditions,
TWB Subsoilers are simple, effective and user friendly, incorporating the renowned strength and durability of all TWB
TWB Subsoilers
Maximise your YIELDS with the TWB SUBSOILER….
With large horse power tractors becoming increasingly popular, the TWB range of subsoilers has evolved over the past decade from the mounted 3m, 3 leg subsoiler to the
comprehensive 6m 11 leg trailed subsoiler. This range suits tractors from 150 to 500+ horse power.
TWB Subsoilers are renowned for their build quality and strength. They are
carefully designed and undergo extensive testing at the research and
development stage to ensure they can withstand the stresses and workload
required by tough land and today's large horsepower tractors. TWB have also put
a great deal of work into ensuring their Subsoilers are easy to operate and very
user friendly.

Through extensive research and design work TWB have developed a number of
exceptional features unique to their Subsoilers. In particular the Shear Tab
System and the Adjustable Pitch Foot are unique to the TWB Subsoiler leg. TWB
Subsoilers are complemented by swiveling legs, adjustable leg spacing and most
notably, their simple depth control.
Subsoiling breaks sub-surface pans and compacted layers through lifting and shattering the ground; this allows roots to grow down to reach water
and nutrients which are necessary for survival. A good soil structure is essential to increasing a crop's yield.
Packer Options
TWB Subsoilers are supplied with 450mm dia tooth packer rollers as standard but other options are available: for a current list, please contact us.
TWB Trailing Kit
TWB offer a trailing kit for the mounted Subsoilers. The kit consists of a bolt-on drawbar with a rear axle. In addition, the subsoiler is fitted with front depth wheels and a rear drawbar with hydraulics. The kit can be easily attached and removed.
Working Tines
The working tines are individual to the TWB Subsoilers and are standard on all trailed subsoilers and on the 3.5m Long Frame mounted subsoiler; they are an additional option on all other models.

These working tines are particularly useful where extra surface cultivation is required, particularly on lighter soils, or on vegetable growing land. They can be quickly lifted out of use if the machine needs to be used as a standard subsoiler.
Specification Options:
Wearing Parts Option
The TWB subsoilers are available with a choice of wearing parts. The features of the Low Disturbance (LD) Leg foot are explained below. A list of current wearing part options is available on request. Ask about our cranked leg options.

TWB Shear Tab
The TWB Shear Tab mechanism comprises of a simple tab replacement; this means there are no bolts to stretch and make worn holes. They are very simple and quick to use as there’s no tightening involved and a large supply of tabs can be stored on the headstock of the subsoiler.
TWB Point & Foot
The TWB wearing parts consist of a joint point and wing and separately replaceable shin. The TWB foot has an adjustable pitch; this feature, which is unique to TWB, is a great advantage when selecting the correct pitch to ensure the soil is lifted, shattered and rearranged.