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Why Mole Draining is Important
The TWB Magic Mole Drainer can play a crucial role
in helping to achieve the potential of your soil. On
the right soil type and when installed correctly,
mole draining can help reduce waterlogging
problems substantially.
Heavy soils with low rates of water movement
need regular drainage to improve soil structure
and productivity. The aim of mole draining is to
fracture and crack the soil and construct unlined
mole channels at consistent depth and even
spacing which allow flow paths for water to drain
unhindered into gravel filled collector drains or
The TWB Magic Mole skid design allows the leg to
fracture and crack the soil without leaving excess
surface disturbance, forming a mole channel to a
smooth gradient evening out small surface
contours and irregularities.
The Moledrainer in use over a collector pipe system. The channel created allows drainage into the collector drain.
Designed and built in the UK for today's demanding conditions,
TWB moledrainers are simple, effective and user friendly, incorporating the same strength and effectiveness as the TWB Subsoiler range.
The TWB Magic Mole range has been designed to give British farmers a strong, durable and reliable moledrainer and uses some unique and exciting build features.
Simple, proven designs will help improve field drainiage and soil structures and aim to contribute to increased yields. The mounted and trailed options will provide a solution for all
Design Simplicity, Build Quality, Ease of Use...
When used in the right conditions the TWB Magic Mole will form long lasting channels with a “fish scale” effect which allows water to flow freely
and sediment to clear as the water flows. The consolidation effect of the skid prevents undue surface heave.
TWB Magic Mole Drainers combine design simplicity; build quality and ease of use allowing farmers to extract the potential of the soil. Easy depth
control allows the TWB Magic Mole Drainer to operate effectively in relation to the soil profile, with the leg operating in the upper topsoil and the
mole foot in the clay layer that will form the most stable and long-lasting mole channel.
The mole creates fissures which
allow water to readily pass through
the soil to the mole channel
Soil is left level and open as it lifts
against the beam, consolidated
but not compacted
Looking downhill at the
fishscale effect
The TWB Twin Moledrainer, showing the unique skid design
Strong durable build quality to
cope with the demands of high
horsepower tractors
Locking tabs with optional
shear tab protection
Mounted machine has a
sliding toplink system and
side to side movement to
allow float in work position
Readily available Ransomes
wearing parts including a
replaceable front shin
Unique simple shim leg angle
adjustment for penetration
control and simple leg
adjustment for depth control
Magic Mole.